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Alison Animal Hospital, located on Prospect Park West, Brooklyn New York is dedicated to providing top-notch care in a loving environment.

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"Dr. Klein, Your passion for your work and your compassion for your clients was apparent to all of us. With all the problems that Rina presented, another doctor might have suggested euthanasia as the only option. It was clear to us that such a measure was your very last resort. Thank you again for all you do in caring for our pets."

- Katherina Maridakis


"Hi Alex, We thought you would appreciate this pic of Moose! He carried this stick all the way home from the park. It's very clear to us that the stem cell therapy has helped Moose tremendously. His walking is much stronger and he just seems much happier and more playful. Thank you so much for helping Moose and us throughout this past year. With all best wishes."

- Dale and John and Moose


"We brought a 10 year old cat in to Dr. K with a complex sarcoma which he first diagnosed correctly and then presented us with the range of options. His kindness and confidence reassured us about going through with a complex surgery. He proceeded to execute an amazingly skillful surgical procedure and personally called us to tell us of his optimistic prognosis for recovery. Today over eighteen months later, Little Kitty is as affectionate and full of life as ever. Never have we had a vet who showed as much real compassion and concern for our pets and for us. Dr. K. saved Little Kitty's life. We are ever grateful."

- Anele Rubin and Eric Banks