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Our Story

Alison Animal Hospital grew out of Alex's conviction that one's work could and should be personally fulfilling, while being performed at the highest level of expertise and service. After college, he experienced corporate culture for a dozen years. But it was not until the loss of his beloved younger teenage sister, Alison, that Alex knew he must follow his heart: to care for animals as a medical doctor. After years of academic preparation, a lot of hard work, and hands-on animal experience as a veterinarian, his goal has reached fruition. AAH embodies Alex's very personal statement about what he has chosen to do for the rest of his life. It is a place where love, caring and professional expertise combine to form a wellspring of vitality for the companion animals whom we adore.

Our Practice

Our practice philosophy is to exemplify medicine's highest values: commitment to service, community involvement, altruism and leadership in and on behalf of the veterinary profession. Our approach is one of science, logic and compassion. Every pet is precious and individual. We are independent thinkers. We are not part of any group or larger entity and have worked hard to resist any contract pricing with vendors and reference labs which might compromise our freedom. We work solely for our patients and their owners. We believe that combining freedom of business with freedom of thought is the prerequisite for the highest level care.

Our Hospital

Our brand new, innovative hospital was built to reflect and support the high quality of medicine practiced within it. By incorporating noise management, odor/pathogen control and traffic flow, we have created a calm environment where animals, clients and staff feel comfortable and efficiency is prioritized. Our hospital has been designed to offer the latest technology in diagnostics, medicine and advanced surgery right in the heart of Windsor Terrace.

The Team

Dr. Alex Klein
Dr. Susan Ryan
Noam Landor, Practice Manager
Lizz Bachman, Reception Services
Lilly Eris, Head Technician
Jarlin Nunez, Technician
Brooke McCalley-Faulkner, Technician
Marsha Leandre, Reception Services
Danielle Rizzo, Reception Services


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